The Saints of Sorrow officially formed in the spring of 2010. The members have been friends for years and all the parts fell into place leading to their formation. Since that time the band has created an impressive resume of performances and friends within the industry.

The members all have stage and studio experience, and have shared the stage with a myriad of national acts. These include Agent Orange, The Briggs, Far From Finished, Flatfoot 56, U.S. Bombs, Jimmy’s Chicken Shack and Public Enemy. Since their formation The Saints of Sorrow have played with Agent Orange, Flatfoot 56, The Have Nots and Off With Their Heads. The band has also played Boston to Baltimore and all points in between.

The goal of The Saints of Sorrow is to bring energy to every performance and give it their all every single night. The songs represent a point in the band members’ lives that has influenced them and formed who they are. They are delivered with a passion and dedication that shows how deeply the songs mean to them. Many are dedicated to friends and loved ones they have lost while others are dedicated to the new friends they have made and continue to earn. This truly is a band of brothers and the mutual respect they have for one another’s talents shows through on and off stage. They are the band that will be at the merch table or at the bar sharing a beer with their fans and friends. The Saints of Sorrow also realize that their success is due to the support of their fans, friends and family. That is something they take very seriously.

Scotty - Guitar, Vocals

Simon - Guitar

Jon - Bass

Jordan - Drums